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Experience the Ultimate Express Car Wash


Are you looking for the best express car wash service? Count on the reputable team of Superfine Auto Spa. We strive to provide fast, friendly, and convenient wash-and-go express car wash service in the Lakewood, CA, area. Our express car wash uses state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality cleaning products to ensure we provide the best services and experience available—every time.


Whether you need an express or full car wash, auto detailing, oil changes, or maintenance, Superfine Auto Spa has the service you need at a great price! Check the variety of express car wash packages below to see what suits your car wash needs.

*Prices shown are starting, larger vehicles extra, vehicles needing extended work cost extra. 



soap wash spot free rinse crystal clear windows clear coat protectant trifoam rainbow wax air freshener ceramic sealant drying agent



soap wash spot free rinse crystal clear windows clear coat protectant trifoam rainbow wax



soap wash spot free rinse

  • Non-factory installed items

  • Wheel covers or center caps

  • Leaking moonroofs, sunroofs

  • Bug shields

  • Loose or broken parts/vehicle molding

  • Pre-existing body damage or scratches

  • Valuables left in vehicle

  • Prior vehicle damage

  • Prior vehicle damage

  • Top-mounted luggage racks/rear-mounted bike racks

  • Metal antennas of any kind are the owner’s responsibility to remove

  • Non-metal hitch accessories such as plastic coverings

  • Rear/front windshield wipers not properly installed or operating during the wash

Superfine Auto Spa Is Not Responsible for Any Damage to:

A car wash will not eliminate faded paint, swirl marks, tree sap, bird droppings, or hard water stains.

Please ask about our detail specials to fix these issues.

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